Describes current resources

Describe Resources


Describe is a higher level printing operation that may aggregate data from other sources in addition to the Resource being queried (e.g. Events).

Describe pulls out the most important information about a Resource from the Resource itself and related Resources, and formats and prints this information on multiple lines.

  • Aggregates data from related Resources
  • Formats Verbose Output for debugging
kubectl describe deployments
Name:                   nginx
Namespace:              default
CreationTimestamp:      Thu, 15 Nov 2018 10:58:03 -0800
Labels:                 app=nginx
Selector:               app=nginx
Replicas:               1 desired | 1 updated | 1 total | 1 available | 0 unavailable
StrategyType:           RollingUpdate
MinReadySeconds:        0
RollingUpdateStrategy:  25% max unavailable, 25% max surge
Pod Template:
  Labels:  app=nginx
    Image:        nginx
    Port:         <none>
    Host Port:    <none>
    Environment:  <none>
    Mounts:       <none>
  Volumes:        <none>
  Type           Status  Reason
  ----           ------  ------
  Progressing    True    NewReplicaSetAvailable
  Available      True    MinimumReplicasAvailable
OldReplicaSets:  <none>
NewReplicaSet:   nginx-78f5d695bd (1/1 replicas created)
Events:          <none>

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