Diffing Local and Remote Resources

Diffing Local and Remote Resources

Diffing Local and Cluster State


The ability to view what changes will be made before applying them to a cluster can be useful.

Generating a Diff

Use the diff program in a user’s path to display a diff of the changes that will be made by Apply.

kubectl diff -k ./dir/

Setting the Diff Program

The KUBECTL_EXTERNAL_DIFF environment variable can be used to select your own diff command. By default, the “diff” command available in your path will be run with “-u” (unified) and “-N” (treat new files as empty) options.

export KUBECTL_EXTERNAL_DIFF=meld; kubectl diff -k ./dir/

Exit status

The following exit values shall be returned:

0 No differences were found. 1 Differences were found. >1 Kubectl or diff failed with an error.

Note: KUBECTL_EXTERNAL_DIFF, if used, is expected to follow that convention.

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