Container Images

Dealing with Application Containers

Container Images


It may be useful to define the tags or digests of container images which are used across many Workloads.

Container image tags and digests are used to refer to a specific version or instance of a container image - e.g. for the nginx container image you might use the tag 1.15.9 or 1.14.2.

  • Update the container image name or tag for multiple Workloads at once
  • Increase visibility of the versions of container images being used within the project
  • Set the image tag from external sources - such as environment variables
  • Copy or Fork an existing Project and change the Image Tag for a container
  • Change the registry used for an image

Consider the following deployment.yaml file,

# deployment.yaml
apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: the-deployment
      - name: mypostgresdb
        image: postgres:8
      - name: nginxapp
        image: nginx:1.7.9
      - name: myapp
        image: my-demo-app:latest
      - name: alpine-app
        image: alpine:3.7

the image tag under containers specified the image that has to be pulled from the container registry.

Some of things that can be done with images:

  • Setting a Name
  • Setting a Tag
  • Setting a Digest
  • Setting a Tag from the latest commit SHA
  • Setting a Tag from an Environment Variable