Patch resources using the strategic merge patch standard.

The patchesStrategicMerge field was deprecated in v5.0.0. This field will never be removed from the Kustomization API, but it will not be included in the Kustomization API. When Kustomization v1 is available, we will announce the deprecation of the v1beta1 version. There will be at least two releases between deprecation and removal of Kustomization v1beta1 support from the kustomize CLI, and removal itself will happen in a future major version bump.

Please move your patchesStrategicMerge into the patches field. This field supports patchesStrategicMerge, but with slightly different syntax. You can run kustomize edit fix to automatically convert patchesStrategicMerge to patches.

Each entry in this list should be either a relative file path or an inline content resolving to a partial or complete resource definition.

The names in these (possibly partial) resource files must match names already loaded via the resources field. These entries are used to patch (modify) the known resources.

Small patches that do one thing are best, e.g. modify a memory request/limit, change an env var in a ConfigMap, etc. Small patches are easy to review and easy to mix together in overlays.

kind: Kustomization

- service_port_8888.yaml
- deployment_increase_replicas.yaml
- deployment_increase_memory.yaml

The patch content can be a inline string as well.

kind: Kustomization

- |-
  apiVersion: apps/v1
  kind: Deployment
    name: nginx
          - name: nginx
            image: nignx:latest  

Note that kustomize does not support more than one patch for the same object that contain a delete directive. To remove several fields / slice elements from an object create a single patch that performs all the needed deletions.

A patch can refer to a resource by any of its previous names or kinds. For example, if a resource has gone through name-prefix transformations, it can refer to the resource by its current name, original name, or any intermediate name that it had.

Patching custom resources

Strategic merge patches may require additional configuration via openapi field to work as expected with custom resources. For example, if a resource uses a merge key other than name or needs a list to be merged rather than replaced, Kustomize needs openapi information informing it about this.

Last modified February 7, 2023: add deprecation warning to kust docs (9d1f803)