Helm chart inflation generator.

Helm Chart Inflation Generator

Kustomize has limited support for helm chart inflation through the helmCharts field. You can read a detailed description of this field in the docs about kustomize builtins.

To enable the helm chart inflation generator, you have to specify the enable-helm flag as follows:

kustomize build --enable-helm

Long term support

The helm chart inflation generator in kustomize is intended to be a limited subset of helm features to help with getting started with kustomize, and we cannot support the entire helm feature set.

The current builtin

For enhancements to the helm chart inflation generator feature, we will only support the following changes:

  • bug fixes
  • critical security issues
  • additional fields that are analogous to flags passed to helm template, except for flags such as post-renderer that allow arbitrary commands to be executed

We will not add support for:

  • private repository or registry authentication
  • OCI registries
  • other large features that increase the complexity of the feature and/or have significant security implications

Future support

The next iteration of the helm inflation generator will take the form of a KRM function, which will have no such restrictions on what types of features we can add and support. You can see more details in the Helm support long term plan.