Go Source

Install Kustomize from the Go source code

Requires Go to be installed.

Install the kustomize CLI from source without cloning the repo

For go versiongo1.17

GOBIN=$(pwd)/ GO111MODULE=on go install sigs.k8s.io/kustomize/kustomize/v5@latest

For go version < go1.17

GOBIN=$(pwd)/ GO111MODULE=on go get sigs.k8s.io/kustomize/kustomize/v5

Install the kustomize CLI from local source with cloning the repo

# Need go 1.13 or higher
unset GOPATH
# see https://golang.org/doc/go1.13#modules
unset GO111MODULES

# clone the repo
git clone git@github.com:kubernetes-sigs/kustomize.git
# get into the repo root
cd kustomize

# Optionally checkout a particular tag if you don't
# want to build at head
git checkout kustomize/v5.0.0

# build the binary -- this installs the binary to your go bin path
make kustomize

# run it
~/go/bin/kustomize version

Last modified February 1, 2023: Update references for kustomize v5 (56153e2)