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  • Proxy local connections to Services running in the cluster

Connecting to Services


Not all Services running a Kubernetes cluster are exposed externally. However Services only exposed internally to a cluster with a clusterIp are accessible through an apiserver proxy.

Users may use Proxy to connect to Kubernetes Services in a cluster that are not externally exposed.

Note: Services running a type LoadBalancer or type NodePort may be exposed externally and accessed without the need for a Proxy.

Connecting to an internal Service

Connect to a internal Service using the Proxy command, and the Service Proxy url.

To visit the nginx service go to the Proxy URL at

kubectl proxy

Starting to serve on

Literal Syntax

To connect to a Service through a proxy the user must build the Proxy URL. The Proxy URL format is:


  • The apiserver-address should be the URL printed by the Proxy command
  • The Port is optional if you haven’t specified a name for your port
  • The Protocol is optional if you are using http

Builtin Cluster Services

A common usecase is to connect to Services running as part of the cluster itself. A user can print out these Services and their Proxy Urls with kubectl cluster-info.

kubectl cluster-info

Kubernetes master is running at
GLBCDefaultBackend is running at
Heapster is running at
KubeDNS is running at
Metrics-server is running at

More Info

For more information on connecting to a cluster, see Accessing Clusters.

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